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Updated: Sep 24, 2020

The Newest Memenber of The Itime Vital Collection. Reads all your vitals while on the go or fast a sleep. Stay on top of your health goals.

The new Itime wearable Smartwatch is here! The perfect device created to be

the perfect balance between fitness tracker and Smartwatch.

We believe it’s worth placing around your wrist and allowing the Vital V2 to start

helping you reach your health and fitness goals.

Wear it with Ease

Built specificly to track key health metrics, conveniently communicate with friends and

colleagues thru push messages, by redirecting your most important notifications to

your wrist, temperture and blood pressure read out. With the Vital V2 you can make

it all happen. Here’s everything you need to know to stay connected and introduce

the Vital V1 seamlessly into your lifestyle.

  • App support:

integrate with your smartphone through the app. Stay on top of all your health goals and all your data so you can see your health and overall life improve.

  • Notifications:

Supports notifications, That way, you can still do things like receive important text messages and emails. so you dont miss out on impoatant information.

  • Fitness tracking:

No need to to think twice about a watch that will guide you through your healthy living goalsThe Vital V2 state of the art fitness tracker will do just that.

If you’re an active person, or always on the run let the fitness tracker take control and use your fast paced environment to help you burn those unwanted calories.

So empower yourself take control and let the Vital V2 assist you on your new journey.

The Vital V2 will help you Engage Change And Rearrange and put your health plans into


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Where can I order a new charger for this phone?


WolfLake 73
WolfLake 73
Feb 22, 2021

how do you buy this? I can't click on anything

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